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TSKY Balmoral is a Joint Venture among experienced developers and builders, giving residents top quality residences, and a peace of mind.

TSKY Development Pte Ltd – Tiong Seng Properties (60%) + Ocean Sky International (40%) : 70%

Progen Holdings : 20%

Seacare Property Development Pte Ltd: 10%

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TSKY Development Pte Ltd

Company Profile

TSKY is a residential and mixed-use property developer in Singapore. As a JV between industry veterans Tiong Seng and Ocean Sky, we are able to tap on the expertise and experience of our parent companies as well as explore better ways to design and build contemporary properties.

When designing our properties, we always take the time to understand and address how customer needs are changing. When building our properties, we are able to always consider and evaluate new technology to create smart spaces that work for people. With us, you will always enjoy properties with the best of form and function.


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Progen Group

Company Profile

Progen Group has close to four decades of experience in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems with subsidiaries in Singapore and Malaysia.

Progen’s wealth of engineering experience, proficiency and skills as well as strong market positioning have made it one of the top players in the industry. In collaboration with Nanyang Technological University, we have been granted the Patent for Passive Chilled Panel.


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Seacare Property Development Pte Ltd

Company Profile

Seacare Property Development Pte Ltd, an asset investment arm of the Seacare Group, is focused on the real estate market in Singapore and overseas.

With a nimble investment approach and an extensive network of partners, the Seacare Group identifies fast evolving opportunities in property investments and development projects across a portfolio of 16 properties in 13 cities spanning across 3 countries.

We are committed to long-term partnerships with various strategic partners, who bring with
them extensive technical expertise and deep-lying corporate capabilities.


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